Civil Litigation Attorney

Whether your case is large or small, Mountain Legal, pllc is here to help.

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Do I Need a Civil Litigation Attorney

Just Ask. If you’re considering filing a lawsuit, you may want to consult with a litigation lawyer. As a legal professional, Lorenz Schuerch, Esq. knows which cases have a good chance of being successful. Our law firm is familiar with all of the procedures, steps, and necessary paperwork that needs to be done. Some cases are better handled using alternative dispute resolution, and an attorney at Mountain Legal, pllc, will be able to advise on your options.

How Much Should I Expect a Lawsuit to Cost?

Each case is different and our firm takes a different approaches to how we bill and how much we charge. Some cases require a retainer fee, and charge by the hour. Some settlements, may charge a contingency. Contingency means that you will not have to pay anything up front and your lawyer will take a pre-established percentage if you win your case. If your litigation attorney takes your case on a contingency basis, you probably have a very strong case. Rates will vary depending on the workload, and circumstances of the case. It is also possible to use a flat fee for civil litigation matters. This is when the attorney agrees to complete a certain amount of work for a flat fee up front. Attorney Lorenz Schuerch, Esq will discuss all billing concerns in your initial consultation.

What Should I Expect from Working with a Civil Litigation Attorney?

JOutcomes rely on many different factors, but your litigation attorney will represent you at every step in the process of filing a lawsuit. With your lawyer's guidance, your case might be settled privately, or you could end up going to court. If you win your case, you may receive monetary compensation or force the other party to cease a harmful activity. Our firm knows the local laws and legal procedures, and our legal expertise will put you in a better position to win your lawsuit.